Friday, March 19, 2010


I attended online conferences this week. They were awesome! Well, some were certainly better than others. They were all great in the sense that I did not have to leave my living room to attend them. When it comes down to content, two stood out to me. The presentation produced by Rachel Boyd in New Zealand was wonderful. Six-year-old students were teaching a professional development meeting! This class used technology throughout the entire day. Math, literature, physical education, you name it, Rachel Boyd taught it through the Smart Board. Unfortunately, every classroom containing a Smart Board is a fantasy. The other presentation that stood out was not for positive reasons. I did not want to contradict most of my classmates in the discussion thread, but I was not impressed with what Konrad Glogowski had to say. It seemed like a lot of talk about nothing. "Learn with and not from" yet we were learning from his presentation. It was very abstract; nothing was concrete about it.

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